Become a Student Affiliate

The Kahneman-Treisman Center has launched its Student Affiliate program and welcomes all students (and post-docs, too!) interested in connecting more with a community of scholars and practitioners from any field who find human judgment and decision-making fascinating!

Regardless of their home department or primary discipline, Student Affiliates of the Kahneman-Treisman Center are interested in investigating the way humans make decisions and how the systems, practices, and policies that govern how people move through the world can be designed with these inclinations in mind.

Student Affiliates can expect to:

  • Receive news about Center events, invitations to meet with visitors, and funding opportunities for conference travel and research;
  • Discuss seminal or recent studies with associates who share their interests but bring diverse disciplinary and methodological approaches to the work;
  • Interact with our faculty affiliates and visitors in both academic and social settings;
  • Provide their own insights to our works-in-progress series presenters (and have the opportunity to present their own work and benefit from the wide-ranging perspective of the community);
  • Develop student-led events and activities (including but not limited to invited talks, workshops, research projects, and trips to relevant conferences) with the support of Center staff and funding

To apply, undergraduate students, graduate students, or postdocs should first join the student affiliates listserv by sending an email to [email protected] with the following text in the email body (leave the subject field blank): SUB BehavPolStudents and no further text. (Please note this is a separate list from the Center's general mailing list or event digest.) Upon acceptance into the listserv by a moderator, you will receive access to the student calendar of events and be welcomed for all affiliate programing.

After attendance at three events sponsored by the Kahneman-Treisman Center, including but not limited to student affiliate programming, you may apply for student affiliate status by filling out the onboarding form for inclusion on the website.

Should you have questions, please contact graduate affiliate Calvin Spanbauer or Center Associate Director, Leslie Rowley.