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CENTER EVENT: Behavioral Policy Speaker Series with Jens Ludwig — Personalized Policies

Jens Ludwig, the McCormick Foundation Professor of Social Service Administration, Law, and Public Policy at the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy and School of Social Service Administration, the director of the University of Chicago Crime Lab, and the co-director of the University of Chicago Urban Education Lab, will deliver a talk in the Behavioral Policy Speaker Series, Thursday, February 22, 4:30-6:00 p.m. in Robertson Hall, Bowl 002.

CENTER EVENT: Behavioral Policy Speaker Series with Rebecca Wolfe — Why Do People Join Violent Groups and What Can We Do To Prevent Them? A Behavioral Perspective

Rebecca Wolfe, Director of the Peace and Conflict Team of Mercy Corps, will present research on why people join violent groups and how social psychology can help us design better interventions for preventing recruitment into such groups.

CENTER EVENT: Behavioral Policy Speaker Series — Hannah Riley Bowles

"Asking, Bending, and Shaping: A Reconceptualization of Gender in Career Negotiations"—Is there merit to the critique of female negotiations "women don't ask"? Hannah Riley Bowles (Harvard Kennedy School) will present preliminary findings and theoretical propositions generated from three qualitative studies of executives' career-related negotiations. Data on executives' career-related negotiations suggest that both male and female executives negotiate regularly for career-related opportunities that involve "bending" and "shaping" organizational norms. Research findings suggest gender constraints on career negotiations relate to gender incongruence rather than to gender differences.


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