Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated Faculty

Johannes Haushofer

  • Assistant Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs
Office: 427 Peretsman Scully Hall

Jennifer Jennings

  • Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs Woodrow Wilson School
Office: 159 Wallace Hall

Ilyana Kuziemko

  • Professor of Economics
Office: 185B Julis Romo Rabinowitz Building

Melissa Lane

  • Class of 1943 Professor of Politics. Director, University Center for Human Values
Office: 245 Corwin Hall

Sarah-Jane Leslie

  • Class of 1943 Professor of Philosophy. Director, Program in Linguistics. Director, Program in Cognitive Science.
Office: 223 Class of 1879 Hall

Alexandre Mas

  • Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School
Office: A-17-J Firestone Library

Sara McLanahan

  • William S. Tod Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs. Director, Center for Research on Child Well-Being.
Office: 265 Wallace Hall

Tali Mendelberg

  • Professor of Politics
Office: 215 Robertson Hall

Ellis Monk

  • Assistant Professor of Sociology
Office: 104 Wallace Hall

Stephen Morris

  • Alexander Stewart 1886 Professor of Economics. Director, William S. Dietrich II Economic Theory Center
Office: 394 Julis Romo Rabinowitz Building