Student Affiliates

Claire Espinosa, '27

Research Interest: Claire is interested in behavioral economics and its application to changing behavior for good, especially to promote education and sustainability. 

Background: Prior to coming to Princeton, Claire went to an international boarding school in Freiburg, Germany, and spent a…

Megan Kang, gs

Research Interest: Megan is a PhD candidate in the department of sociology whose research focuses on how individuals navigating violent contexts signal trustworthiness and how community members intervene in violence. She uses an ethnographic approach to studying social behaviors in context.


Kristopher Nichols, gs

Research Interest: Kris is Ph.D. candidate in the Psychology department and explores questions on social norms, collective action, and the energy transition. He draws on methods from psychology and complexity science to investigate norm dynamics and facilitate a richer understanding of how and when norms change.

Marko Petrovic, '24

Marko is interested in research exploring how human behavior intersects with housing and environmental policies, particularly how people formulate beliefs towards the environment and the decision-making process as it pertains to the housing market.

Arantxa Rodriguez-Uribe, gs

Arantxa's research focuses focus on understanding the consequences of growing up in areas with gang control on youth’s human capital accumulation, understanding gang entry, and developing and evaluating policy options to reduce gang recruitment.

Josh Schoenberg, '25

Research Interest: Josh is studying ways in which we can model human beliefs and disagreement. He is particularly interested in how different models may influence the choices that people make and the beliefs that they have about political groups.

Background: Josh is an undergraduate in…

Calvin Spanbauer, gs

Research Interest: Calvin is a first-year Ph.D. student in the Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy (STEP) program at Princeton’s School of Public and International Affairs. In his research, Calvin investigates the human dimensions of energy transitions in the U.S., China, and Germany. Ultimately, he aims to…

Melissa Tier, gs

Research Interest: Melissa is a PhD candidate in the Science, Technology, & Environmental Policy program within the School for Public and International Affairs.She pursues research on multi-level climate adaptation governance and decision-making, drawing on interdisciplinary methods from political science, behavioral…